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i love Davi not just because hes Neymar’s son but because he is sooo done with everyone’s shit 


he got no time for your shit Dani 

"do i really have to be in this interview? the Telly tubbies are on"

"ugh look at these peasants"

"ugh look at this soccer player who isnt making as much as my dad"

i mean just…

too cool for you (and hes only 2)

"peace out bitches"

This just made my day


I want that everyone who is seeing this to reblog this picture. Probably no one will do it because it isn’t a skinny girl or fashion or food on this picture. On this picture is the truth what’s going on in OUR world where YOU AND ME live! Don’t close your eyes and pretend you haven’t seen this or haven’t heard about this. What’s happening in Gaza is terrible! We all should try in doing something against this! Please reblog this picture. It breaks everyones heart. It’s horrible. #PrayForGaza

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