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Best thing about being a Barca fan?

You get to be a part of a never ending roller coaster ride. The ride isn’t easy, it is packed with little surprises and twists, joy and pain. As you go higher, you realize that you dont want it to stop. In conclusion, you get this chance of falling madly in love with a football team that consists of such amazing players who inspire you in ways no one else can and the team eventually becomes the reason behind your smile, your tears, your anger, your everything. You begin to find yourself somewhere in that team and just never want to let go because now you’re too attached.

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i love Davi not just because hes Neymar’s son but because he is sooo done with everyone’s shit 


he got no time for your shit Dani 

"do i really have to be in this interview? the Telly tubbies are on"

"ugh look at these peasants"

"ugh look at this soccer player who isnt making as much as my dad"

i mean just…

too cool for you (and hes only 2)

"peace out bitches"

This just made my day

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